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Friday, February 17, 2012

They'll Peak at You

Anyone with kids playing sports will notice their kids doing something repeatedly.  At various times their son or daughter will "sneak a peak".  They'll sneak a peak over to their parent to see if their parent is watching them perform.

Every kid wants their parent attention & affirmation.  They want to know that they are the delight in their parents eye in what they are doing & rightfully so.  Kids aren't calloused enough by life to realize that some people just don't care about them and that message SHOULD NEVER come from a parent.

Now parents in this age can easily be distracted by their phone instead of watching their son or daughter.  Parents can be distracted with phone calls or emails.  Parents will plan to run errands and pick up their child AFTER practice is over.  Parents can get lulled into thinking that spending time watching their son or daughter isn't important.

I have two boys that play & participate in various sports and events.  I try to watch them as much as I can in each and every activity they have.  Every time I'm watching them I watch them "sneak a peek" to see if I'm watching them.  I'll admit I too am tempted to be on my phone or run a quick errands, life's busy and we all need every few minutes to get things done that we can get.  But each time either of my son's smiles at me when they "sneak a peak" I'm reminded that its critical I pour as much time & affirmation into my sons lives.

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