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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

People I learn from Part 1 of 6

My Mom--Never Quit

You learn a lot being the oldest child.  You learn you are a guinea pig for your parents on how parenting should work, you learn your younger siblings will get spoiled, you learn that life isn't always greener once you leave for college and you learn that what you face is hard isn't hard until you encounter something else.
You also learn a lot when you watch your parent go through heartache, pain, frustration & loss.

I've learned a lot from my mom and most of it centers around the mindset of NEVER QUIT.  My mom endured my biological father walking out on us when I was 3 months old & a remarriage and another divorce to a man who gave up on the marriage and parenting.  She worked two jobs to keep my sister and I fed, clothed & able to still have the ability to enjoy life to some degree.

At 48 my mom changed jobs & career fields. At 51 she changed career fields again earning public & private accolades from some very prestiges industries.  She has always taken a ton of pride in doing a good job & having fun.  She adores her kids, grandkids, family & friends and throughout life has endured heartache, pain and frustration without ever sacrificing her care for those she loves the most.  My mom would bend over backwards to conquer the world for those she cares about deeply.

My mom has modeled a NEVER QUIT attitude and I am deeply grateful for that.

That mindset and attitude is easily a reason why I want to work hard at my marriage, as a parent & with life.  If I quit something it is because it's a bad habit or a destructive behavior...i don't quit things that matter.

I've learned a lot from my mom, but a trait I have you can easily trace to her is NEVER QUIT

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