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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dad, Thanks....

For 3 years now myself, a friend & our kids roll out to the desert the Friday after Thanksgiving to go bond.  It's been a tradition that my sons look forward to A LOT.  They ask & double check about all the friends they get to play with, they ask if we get to make large explosions and they truly look forward to this experience because it is one they love.  It is a tradition that has rich reward for them and for me.

This desert experience has created some rich joys for me as a dad as well.  It has given me some great moments with a friend that truly feel priceless to me.  It also forces me to have some humble moments and realize that I may not be the best dad, but dang it I try hard to give my sons a childhood that'll help them step into manhood well.

I love seeing my kids smile at the joy of exploring life with friends.

I love teaching my sons the art of using a gun or bow & arrow appropriately.  By nature it is allowing me to teach them a skill that is significant in helping them GROW UP.

I love seeing my kids laugh with friends over a simple creation that causes a lot of fun

I love having friends who are a joy to share life with.

I love trying to give my kids an experience I never had.

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