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Friday, September 23, 2011


I saw this YouTube clip.  It's 9 minutes long and you may need to watch it to track my blog post (last 1 minutes isn't from ABC it was an add on by the editor of the video).

Difference in opinion isn't an easy way to sum up this video,  however there are some huge teaching elements in this.  
Bottom line is there are people all over this world that believe, teach & hold to certain views that are never open for discussion.  Regardless of what others view they stand their ground.
But the hard part for me is when people take the Bible & manipulate the message for their own view point.  

5 years ago I'd be someone willing to yell at a Westboro member for the sake of argument, but that does nothing but fuel their mission.  I believe that if people were to ignore Westboro they'd fall away silently.  I think often the best way to win an argument with people that are so dogmatic in their views is to not give them attention.  With all the ability to social media blast, blog attack & in person protest with people we may not agree with in religion, politics and other polarizing issues we only fuel their battle.
I love what Jesus says to his disciples in Luke 10 as he sends out people to preach the gospel.  If people aren't accepting of the GRACE & PEACE you are bringing then keep moving on.  Don't stay & argue and cause a scene, just move on.

The pastoral heart in me aches for the young girl, but the hope is she's found the grace & love of Jesus as opposed to the demoralizing  message of people that she grew up hearing.

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