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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Encourage & Affirm

If you don't believe that affirming & encouraging teenagers is critical watch this video...

Did you see the look on this 14 year olds face?

She was overwhelmed with the encouragement & affirmation she received after taking a risk for something she loves.  Encouraging & affirming teenagers breathes LIFE into their souls.  It allows them to tackle tough situations, believe they have what it takes to pursue their goals, risk & take a leap of faith and  enjoy life.
This young girl may or may not win this competition, but I would wager my yearly salary that she'll feed off the encouragement she received this night for a long time!

If you are a youth worker, affirm & encourage the students around you.

If you are a parent, encourage & affirm your kids CONSTANTLY!

If you see a teenager today, AFFIRM them for me they need it.

If you are a leader, affirm & encourage your team.  They'll enjoy it & it'll make the team stronger!

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