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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10 Years Later....

September marks the beginning of my 11 year of youth ministry...crazy I know.  For those of you who like the mathematics side of life you just realized I've been doing youth ministry since I was 20.  Yes i started receiving my first paycheck doing youth ministry at 20 years old [I agree, that church had no clue what they were doing either :)]

So as I was driving the other day I thought of all the things 10 years of youth ministry has taught me & here is a snippet of that list.  I might expand on it in the future but for now here ya go;

Sound board
- I've had to learn my way around 1/4", XLR, 'gain', sub's, monitors & hi/low frequencies.  I've become a self proclaimed professional amateur at it all.

Packing vehicles is an art form
- You can become a King of packing vehicles for trips & gaining the most cargo room out of any type of vehicle

- I actually love being able to plan, budget, organize meals & know how to affectively create an itinerary for ANY type of trip with teenagers.

Doors that open & close
- I've had the privileged to be able to partner with many Godly leaders & voices for the world of youth ministry and I've learned so much from them.  God has truly opened doors for me as well as closed some.  Every time it is valuable teaching moments!

Missions trips Crossing international borders with the "funny guy" students can give you a small heart palpitation 

Holy Spirit is crazy funny
- When God wants to move, God will move & you'll laugh at how awesome God is

Relational tears
- I cry more now with youth ministry moments than I did 10 years ago and it is truly because of the deeper relationships I have with students, leaders & my own family.  AND I AM OK WITH IT!

The Gospel Matters
- The more lives I see affected by the gospel of Jesus the more I want to keep renewing my commitment to the world of youth ministry

I love still love my Job
This last decade has been truly rewarding & humbling and feel I am at the beginning of something great & new!

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