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Friday, June 10, 2011

Frustrated Leadership Settings

Not much really rattles me as a leader.  Little can really bump me off what I feel called or convicted on as a leader. Don't get me wrong I can get frustrated by stuff but in terms of something really getting under my skin and creating some angst in my life it takes a lot to do that.

However something that does get under my skin when it comes to leadership is Closed door policies & white horse leadership.

Closed door policies are policies that aren't allowed to be discussed.  They are policies that have usually been in effect for years and have created a "we've always done it this way" mentality.  Often closed door policies are created out of personal preferences rather than desiring to be effective as leaders.
Closed door policies get under my skin purely because they don't allow other leaders a voice of leadership.  Closed door policies create a culture of "don't ask about that issue or you'll be looked at as non-supportive and not a team player".  That type of culture can make people feel they are walking on egg shells and can also feel very crippled in their own leadership.  

White Horse Leadership is also something that can get under my skin.  White Horse leadership is where a key leader or a small group of key leaders take a dictator role in making decisions.  Usually these leaders have a large ego-centric personality that bleeds into how they lead.
White Horse Leadership bugs me because often leadership make decisions that hurt other staff members or ministries.  They seldom if ever sit and talk with multiple leaders to gain insight & input other than just their own.
White Horse Leadership has had direct impact on my life both in ministry & outside of ministry settings.

Now I can't say I dislike these two things in leadership without looking in a mirror to be sure I don't do the same thing.  I value the friends I have who help as a sound board to be sure I don't make dumb leadership decisions.  I enjoy my church setting because neither of these are issues.

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