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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Family Date Nights

Kim and I try to take 2 nights a month where we each take a son and go out on a date/hang time.  This gives us a chance to put some intentional & individual time into our sons lives.  We've seen that our boys look forward to this as much as we do.  We have a tight budget so we have to be sure the dates we do are very cheap if not free.  The only condition for these dates is that the boys have to bring with them 2 questions to ask and we have to bring 2 questions to ask.

I thoroughly enjoy these conversations that come from these questions.  The conversations have varied all over the place from what type of car would you like to own, favorite food, weirdest animal I've ever seen, what does God look like, why do girls talk so much and so much more.

As a dad a non-negotiable for me is to be sure that faith & God conversations are regular.  I want my kids to feel comfortable asking me any question at any point of time.  I want to create a relationship where no matter that content of their question my kids have the chance to ask it of me.  I also want to speak with honesty as well as grace towards them.  These moments won't last forever, I want to be sure that I take full advantage of the gift of children as a father!

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