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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Patience Part 3--Culture

Living in California I have the privilege of driving certain Interstates that have a ga-jillion amount of people on them every day.  They can be jammed pack and you literally can sit on asphalt for 2 hours to go 11 miles.

When we moved to California in 2002 a major change I had to get used to was people refer to distance in hours, not miles.  Growing up in Colorado we refer to how long a trip would take in miles.  In California you refer to how long a trip will take in hours....the difference is because of traffic.

So patience isn't a lost art.....just not a great habit when it comes to Culture is evident because of the car horn.

Seriously, listen to that beautiful sound from the engine compartment of another motorist that screams "YOU SUCK YOU IDIOT"!  I thoroughly enjoy watching people feel that honking a horn emphatically at another human beings because they don't move at the speed "they want them too".  

There is a carry over in another aspects of culture.  People feel entitled & feel their time is the only time that matters.  Their agenda is more important than any other agenda.  Patience & care for another human being is lacking.

Watch people walk down a busy street.  
How many stop to help someone who drops supplies they are carrying?  Walk through the parking lot of a busy mall and how many people will offer to help the young mother juggling the infant car carrier & the stroller?  On high school or college campuses how often do students pass other students who are alone, crying & hurting but nobody takes the time to pause and offer time to listen?

Our culture at a core is on a fast track to get nowhere.  

Psalm 46:10..."be still & know that I am God" is a value that many followers of Jesus don't have in their life but seriously need.  To know God intimately will create the ability to know His heart & know how to live our lives to love those who need His love the most.

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