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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Would you rather?

Grip it & Rip it?
This is the type of mentality that says; 
Just do it! You see a possibility and go for it.  You just want to grit your teeth and get something accomplished or achieve the "win".
This is the type of mentality that says; 
Lets look at options A, B & C then we'll decide what is the "best" option.  You think & think & think about options, consequences, outcomes, benefits, conflicts, etc..  Cost & benefits are weighed heavily here.  I have seen paralysis keep keeping from living with this style.

The question is, Do either of these mindset's belong in leadership positions?

I've wondered if either of these mindsets are really beneficial at all.  I've also wondered if both mindsets are needed so they help offset each other so chaos & paralysis don't creep in.  I do wonder where prayer has gone, at times, from leadership conversations and settings.  As a leader if we aren't submitted to God's guiding then often it doesn't matter what type of leader we are.

I don't think leader should be anchored by our mindset.  It should be anchored in our submission to God's guiding so he can use our natural gifting/personalities to be more effective.
Grip It & Rip with God guiding or Analyze with God guiding are going to be MORE effective than you going out on your own.  The hard part is the humility it takes for both types of leaders to exhibit so God can be at the center of whatever you are leading.

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