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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lent Devotionals

Here is the brief post I wrote for the church today as the staff is writing Devotionals through the LENT season.

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Galatians 6:1-5                  Our Temptation

Paul’s writing of Galatians has some great insights for our season of Lent.  Lent is a time to step back & observe what our relationship with Christ looks like based on his sacrifice on the Cross.  The message of the cross is grace, redemption & freedom from sin in our relationship with the Father.  Paul urges those in the church in Galatia that if you are living a life pursuing Christ (spiritual) then you should be willing to come along side those that struggle.  Paul uses the word CARRY, bastazo┼ô in Greek, which literally means to PICK IT UP

We need to be willing as a church to PICK UP the pain & burdens of those around us.  We need to be willing to show other that “having it all together in life” isn’t the message Christ came to preach.  As a church there must be the motive to look at brothers & sisters with the same compassion the Father would and help them.  We must also be willing to expose those temptations of our own to others.  Many times we don’t seek help for fear of what others will think of us.  Scripture shows that we are ALL called to share in the burdens of those around us.  I love Paul’s emphasis on how we do this act of helping others.  We operate in the motive of gentleness, praute┼ôs in Greek.  We operate in a humility with love & grace towards them as we would want shown towards us. 

Today if you are in a place where temptations seem to be winning your attention, seek the help of a friend who can help you with gentleness. 

Today if you can help another person through a gentle spirit in the midst of a struggle then do so.  For when we carry the load of those around us we truly act like the body of Christ.

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