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Thursday, February 10, 2011


My wife is brilliant! She is filled with amazing & creative ideas and she is really pretty too!

The other day she went to TARGET & spent $4. She came home with these little mailboxes that were then placed on a stand in our house in a high traffic area. The whole point is to be able to write each person in our family a note whenever we want to as an act of love, encouragement or just cause. The boys have LOVED this idea, in fact when I came home the first night I had 6 notes to me!

This has been fun leaving notes, clues, allowances in a little spot where we all can share some love to one another. It has challenged me to be sure to try to write either of the boys or kim a note every day to stick in their little mailbox. Once you place the note in, you raise the flag on the side of the mailbox to let that person know they have mail. I love this idea, I love my wife for her idea and am blessed by it!

$4 that was well worth it!

This whole thing has really challenged me with how simple little acts of love & showing you remember someone can go. I know this illustration has a huge teaching element packed into it and real soon I'll be using this visual on stage! Thanks Kim


Michael said...

Love it!! We have 5 kids and each of them has a small dry erase board on the door of their room - it's for pictures and writing notes to each other. It's amazing how much they love it and write to each other every day!

brian c. berry said...

stole it. thanks friends. epic idea

brian c. berry said...

stole it. love it. u go friends!