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Thursday, February 10, 2011


The past 3 weeks I have been reading a book called THE HOLY LONGING. It has been a great read so far contemplating what is Spirituality as well as spirituality framed from a Judeo-Christian perspective. It is more of a philosophical read that forces you to think & suggests a different view on what spirituality is as we follow Jesus. The author, Rolheiser, is a systematic theology teacher & a devout Catholic. His writings reminds me of Henri Nouwen & stir up in me my love for the liturgical aspects of our faith I value, but seem dismissed in most Western church mentality. I have loved the challenge it has been as well as the practicality of it.

There is a point early in the book that Rolheiser (author) suggests this;

Spirituality is about properly handling the fires, those powerful, energies, that flow through us. We struggle because we are naive and underestimate both the origins and the power of this fire. We think that energy is ours, and it is not. We think we can, all on our own, control it, and we cannot. There is a madness in us that comes form the god and unless we respect and relate it precisely to its divine source we will forever be either too restless or too depressed to ever fully enjoy life...[Page 31]

I have asked myself the question "Do I have a fire, an energy, for the gospel of Jesus Christ?" I want to have a flippant yes, but I've had to look at segments of my life and really see if I am holistically living out the Gospel.

  • As a father do I love my children as the FATHER loves his children?
  • As a husband do I love my Bride as Christ loves the church?
  • Do I care about the least, lonely & lost around me the way Jesus did?
  • Is my care for the heart of God greater than my own desires and wishes?
  • Do I take the time to sit and be still with Jesus so my relationship with Him isn't a "doing (business)" relationship but more of a "being (transformation of myself)" relationship?
Do you have an energy or a fire for life? If so what fuels it?

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