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Monday, January 17, 2011


We are doing this series for High School Ministry called Old/New. It has been a series focussed on a simple premiss that as a follower of Christ we are called to live a New Life based on God's moving, directing & transforming of our lives. However, it isn't as easy as it sounds.

So for our High School Students we've been challenging them how to think about their view of God (week 1), their understanding of God's voice in Scripture (week 2) and tonight how do we live out being a new creation. I had an idea for a real-time visual illustration of change during the message. I talked to a dad of some students in our ministry to see if he could help me out.

When students walked in the room they saw this tree painted on the back wall of our stage that the dad had painted earlier in the week:

My message started with challenging students as to what level do they follow Jesus with.
Do they have salvation & are on "God's good side" incase they die?
Do they follow Jesus as long as they are comfortable with what God wants to do in their life? Do they follow Jesus with a constant surrender and commitment to Him?

We looked at John 15 and what does it mean as a high school student to "Abide/Remain in Jesus" as you see fruit from your life. Overall we planned it out for me to teach about 25-30 minutes. The whole time I was teaching the dad was painting.
It was great to see all the eyes in the room watching the painting instead of me. If I had to guess I'd say students watched the painter 90% of the time. As they watched it was great to see their eyes show expression of WOW, AMAZEMENT, ASTONISHMENT and even WONDER.
We really wanted students to see that God's desire and moving in their lives is to use their life to create something beautiful as they pursue Jesus.

In the end the final visual was this:

I loved the visual this helped create for students that the process of Old to New, Death to Life is one that can be beautiful and is. I loved having another form of art expressed in a student gathering & I also loved being able to give students a visual picture of Scripture!!

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