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Sunday, January 09, 2011


I hate being frustrated.

There is a deep pain when frustration takes hold of ones life. It isn't crippling, it's irritating. It itches at you & picks at you until you wanna snap. Problem is your mind is telling you "a mature person doesn't snap, they deal with it"....but you really wanna snap! You wanna break out of the frustration or beat it up. The last thing you don't want it to do is steal your joy. But that is what it does, it steals & it never gives anything back.

Frustration can be like a pipe leak in a wall in your house. You don't notice how big of an issue you have until you see the external results of a little issue. The you wonder "how long as this been going on?"
My mindset is affected. My tone of voice isn't sincere or caring. My attitude towards minor incidents is altered. I don't have the patience I should. My listening ear is turned off. Selfishness increases while my care for others decreases.

Frustration can eat at my soul, I know that. I learned that a long time ago in my life. Before marriage, kids, a real job & real responsibility. Frustration needs to be put in check....but it's hard. Some frustrations are understandable & even acceptable under certain circumstances, but other frustrations need to be kept from mangling you.

I wanna treat some frustrations with a sledgehammer & dynamite! But I probably need to be a little more humble and realize I can't fix some frustrations myself. I can let God speak to me, nurture my heart, help me heal & also help me take things one step at a time.

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