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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

THANKS & Giving

I like to drive. I have no problem driving long distances especially if where I am going has a great outcome....which means road trips are awesome!!

We packed up our car and headed out to Kim's parents house in Grand Junction Colorado. We had a full week to spend with family, enjoy a break & enjoy our home state. We had great weather with 30 & 40 degree weather, snow & even got to watch the boys experience a -5 degree Colorado morning. We were able to go sledding, have a snowball fight, eat, relax, sleep & detach from our normal day to day life.

Grand Junction is now home to a Cabela's Outfitters and that place is a little piece of paradise for me! I spent almost 4 hours in that store, developed a wish list that is larger than life!! While there I surprised my sons with their first bow & arrow. It isn't the type that you lick the arrow tips & they stick to sir, this puppy is legit!

It was a great week to be with family & also be able to give each other a lot of quality time that was much needed!

down by the pond

snow ball fight

bow & arrow

sledding on the hill

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