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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Desert & Dudes

For 2 years now Brian & I have taken our kids into the desert for a mini MAN TRIP. It is similar to the one we do for our high school guys in our ministries. This year Brian, his dad, another dad & I rolled out Friday morning the day after Thanksgiving & came back Saturday evening.

Friday was filled with a firing range, air soft war, bonfire & fun explosions & very low 30 degree weather to sleep in.
Saturday was occupied with a killer breakfast, more air soft, paintballs slung with sling shots, a zip line & then heading home.

This little weekend excursion has been really amazing for my kids. They get to share life with other kids that are as fun & rambunctious as they are; They get to do things that I never got to do growing up; They get to have influence from other men that I admire and speak truth into their lives; They smile non-stop!

I never want my kids to feel that as their dad I put more effort into the lives of other people than I do them. I want them to know that there are some life highlights they deserve to experience that most kids don't. Those highlights aren't getting "stuff" but experience a joy & excitement that only comes through sharing life with others. I want my boys to have other people who love & live for Christ speak into their lives, whether that be in subtle ways or monumental ways. I also don't want to miss the simple opportunities for my kids young life to help them experience & hold onto their child like innocence.

Big Bang
Cole on a zip line
Cody on a zip line
Kids ready to GAME ON!

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