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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This past summer had some incredible 1st for our family. Our Boys got to have their 1st time on a houseboat and tubing run.

They also had their first real camping trip to YOSEMITE, CA. This is truly one of the most beautiful places outside of Colorado I have ever seen. We spent time camping, hiking, cooking, fishing, relaxing, talking, playing and detaching from most of life.

This picture was taken after a 4 hour long picnic & hang time around swinging bridge

Bridalvale falls

Half-Dome [Me and my boys will climb this one day!!]

"C" is for CODY & COLE


A shot my wife took that i just LOVE


We drove past this cabin and I had to have a picture of it. To me this is all I'd need if i lived in the mountains. Give me a 2 room cabin, windows all the way around the place and a view of breathtaking gorgeous every day. If i could live in this cabin and be a youth pastor I think that'd be amazing!!

I can't wait for next year to do a couple more hikes we didn't get to this year. I also have a rainbow trout i released this year that i plan on catching again next year since he'll be a little bigger and better to eat!!

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