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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Turning 30


It's a date that was supposed to be monumental, so i've been told.
It's a date where I step out of one decade & into another.
It's a date that allows me to no longer be "the young person" but I can enjoy being viewed as a reliable adult now.

I turned 30 this past week. I turned 30 while doing what I love, being with my family & high school students. We were on a high school summer House Boat trip to Lake Mohave on the Arizona/Nevada border. Turning 30 doesn't feel any different that turned 29. I am still a Husband (a role I cherish), I am still a Father (a role I LOVE) and I am still investing in high school students (something that energizes me).

I've spent 3 decades learning about life. In that learning I've also have realized what is important to me & what I can live without. I want my life, my story I am living, to be something my wife, kids, those around me can look at and be proud of. Proud that I am taking full advantage of whatever God allows to pass in front of me. In the last 3 years God has done more pruning with pain, uncomfortable & frustrating situations that have allowed me to look deeper into what life is supposed to be & not just feel like.

I really enjoy life. I have learned to really enjoy life. I want to keep learning how to enjoy life.

30 seems like a cool round number to say, but what is more important to me is the past 29 full years I can look back on & smile thoroughly. I know what I want out of life, I am willing to overcome any conflict to pursue it and enjoy the journey that all of that brings.

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