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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Recap of Mental Conflict

I'm Tired
You have a lot to do so i need to stay up

I'm Hungry
You've lost 15lbs in 1 month...don't blow it

I'm frustrated
Deal with it

I need to spend more time with boys
So go to work 1 hour later to hang with them

I really need to depend on God more
Then talk to Him

By the way did you know that Yogurtland is Amazing
Yes that is why you are driving there right now

They frustrate me
It's cause they don't get the bigger picture

Sweet-spot? What sweet-spot...I am not working in my sweet-spot right now
Well you've got 3 options to fix it

Oh i get it
Yep cause you slowed down long enough to think through the issue

Your to-do list isn't shrinking
Then quit taking a 5 minute break & go back to work

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