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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 years

July 8th 2000 I walked down an aisle & into a life i could've never seriously. I never would've imagined having 2 kids by age 24, living in California and enjoying it, being a single income family with all its challenges & creativity, extended family jugglings and so much more.

I am positive that anyone who thinks they know what marriage will be like before they get married ought a have a friend slap them in the face at least 3 times. Then tell them to stop daydreaming and be ready for the unexpected. Truthfully that has been such a joy for me in our marriage, the un-expected.

The unexpected changes we've both gone through physically, emotionally, mentally & most significantly spiritually. The unexpected change that comes with being a parent. The unexpected changes with jobs. The unexpected has been the mirror in the face that if Christ isn't at the center of this thing then we are up a creek without even remotely knowing who forgot to pack the paddles. The unexpected should keep you dependent on the one thing that is constant, God's design for marriage will always trump your ideals of marriage.

10 years of this gig has taught me a couple major life lessons. Some of them are;
  • If you don't care about your marriage nobody else will
  • You need to keep learning who your spouse is or you'll get bored
  • Marriage is fun-work, not hard-work
  • Marriage is a beautiful story that is continually created by individual stories...good marriages are written by good stories being lived out
  • Marriage needs creativity
  • God cares more about your marriage than you more often realize
  • Life isn't meant to be lived is supposed to be lived self-LESS-ly
We celebrated our 10 year mark fairly simply. We have some BIG plans that we'll share about later but this year we kept it simple but amazing.

We sat at a favorite spot by the ocean to talk.

Went out to dinner to The Melting Pot [yep dropped a BENJAMIN on dinner alone]

Then listened to music afterwards & slow danced to the song we actually played in our wedding

It was a great day to celebrate US.

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