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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Gotta Be Constant

There seems to be an instability in our journey with Jesus Christ that can include fear, holding onto what we want & even a heavy thread of uncertainty when it comes to "following God".

We can't see God so we don't always trust Him. We don't here an audible voice of God. We base our understanding of His character on the Bible which is up to 3400 years old in some spots. We hear so many different "view points" on how certain aspects of God, life with God and living a Godly life that can seem ostentatious.

The "God loves me and has a plan for me" pitch sounds good. The "you are created with value & worth" is a great moral builder....but so much of our life doesn't believe those statements. We don't believe them because they don't change how we live. If I believe something; Find it to be true and allow my life to be convicted then it should alter everything about me. Whether by ripple affect or immediate alteration. My life should look different each day I live, if each day i live is pursuing Jesus. Jesus calls us to continual alter our lives, minds & actions based on Him...we want it based on us.

The thread of uncertainty hangs us up. That little plucked string in our brain that plays a note of doubt with a vibration of fear because "can we really trust God?" That same questions has been a part of this whole story God's been writing since the beginning.

My life with Jesus Christ must be constant change. Change because I trust God is God and I am not. Change because the life Jesus calls me too is one of self-lessness and humility not one of fear. The constant should be a faith step & not a fear retreat.

**just some thoughts in my head over the last couple weeks

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