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Saturday, March 06, 2010


A month ago i told Kim i was going to build the kids a clubhouse. Since loosing our house up north and renting a place (which works for our family but hasn't felt like 'home' did) we all have adjusted our way of life a little bit.

We had a HUGE backyard up north for boys to run, dogs to play & mom and dad to enjoy. We have something called a 'backyard' here in OC. Our boys need to be boys & we can't always go to the park so i thought, if they had a clubhouse it may help them enjoy their home a bit more. That and I NEVER had one growing up so why the heck not!

I got some free plywood and spent $40 ($38.71 to be specific) at LOWES & got busy on my day off!

First you show your kids how to frame a wall

Second you show them how to set the walls

Third you let your kids try to nail

Fourth you laugh as you watch your kids enjoy something you made for them

Fifth you listen to your wife's AMAZING IDEA & use scrap wood to build a table

I am 3 sheets of plywood short of being done so i need to go grab 3 more freebies and will be finished soon. Final product picture will come later!

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