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Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's in a name?

Name: a word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to

At times i am curious about names. Why kids receive the names they do from parents. How a city was named. Why certain countries are called what they are. Names can tell us a lot...but i think we overlook the importance of names.

We knew both our kids names before they were born. In fact my wife had our oldest sons name picked out long before we were even pregnant with him. I love my kids names, I love calling it out and how they answer to it.
I love my wife's name. I love how it sounds next to mine in a sentence. I love seeing it written on our marriage certificate.

I also love names from the Scriptures, like Benaiah son of Jehoiada, sometimes when i read certain names or locations my curiosity kicks in & I have to figure it out--I like stuff like that.

I have never disliked my name, i have always appreciated it. I enjoy why & how i was named. I also like some of the historical figures that i share my name with. The only time i dislike my name is when I am on the phone or at Starbucks & someone asks me what my name is... "DANNY"

"I am sorry sir did you say Davey?"
"DAVID how are you today?"

I mean seriously do i stutter? Do i slur my speech? Does DANNY really sound like Derek, Denis or Davey?
Unless i am dealing with a Credit Card company or personal information account I shall start using the name THEOPHILUS...lets see how many people don't understand me when I say that name!!

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