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Saturday, September 19, 2009

I am a fighter!!

There seems to be a plethora of challenges in my life that have peaked themselves out of holes in the ground. Some of them natural due to the changes in our family of both boys being in school, a full time sport as well as adjusting to a new family time layout.

Others have crept up due to a new season of ministry & with that some new adversities in ministry.

All of this has created a sense that i need to be a fighter.

  • I need to fight for time with Jesus
  • I need to fight for relational talk time with my wife so we keep on the same page as parents, watching our budget & hear each others dreams
  • I need to fight to create time for me & my boys
  • I need to fight to create a space for myself to reflect & replenish my soul
  • I need to fight to keep learning as a leader for our student ministry
  • I need to fight for what i believe God is nudging me to move towards
I don't mind fighting, especially when i know what I am fighting for is worth it!

1 comment:

The Riechmann Family said...

I hear you on all of this fighting, but it requires something I call "Time Alchemy." Alchemy is the pseudo-science of trying to turn lead into gold; in essence, turning something worthless into something valuable. "Time Alchemy" is trying to create valuable time out of lost time, and it's not easy my friend. Even leveraging technology (cell phones, DVRs, etc.) I have been only nominally successful in turning wasted time into valuable time. I'd love to compare notes with you sometime.

So, do I get an iTunes gift card now? ;-)