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Monday, September 07, 2009

What Makes Me Smile

I have been enjoying life a lot lately so i thought about it...what makes me smile? So in no specific order other than what flows from my mind;
  • My Wife's Smile
  • My Kids
  • Sunsets
  • Ice Cream
  • Teenagers serving others
  • A 6 x 6 bull Elk
  • Properly executed football play
  • Words of Christ in the Scriptures
  • A puppy
  • Hot Wings
  • Artwork
  • Ice cold Coke
  • Hot cup of Hazelnut Americano
  • A smiling Baby
  • Great Photography
  • Weddings
  • Bar Mitzvah's
  • Certain Songs
  • A freshly prepared SMORE

And here is my youngest wanting to be a motorcycle rider

I am sure there is so much more but i greatly value the things small, large, extravagant and small that make me smile while i enjoy life to the fullest

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