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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We are back

We are back...

It has been a crazy 3 days back already. I will post pics & trip recaps throughout this week but a funny story.

We get back late Saturday night from our vacation. I head to church Sunday morning, like normal, at 6:30am however our staff discovered a terrible gas smell in our auditorium so we had to call the fire department to make sure there wasn't a leak. So at 7:45am our neighbors heard the sirens of 2 trucks responding to our church.

The Fire Department shut us down for our services indoor because of the unknown cause of the gas smell. So a quick parking lot meeting by our staff and we decided to set up on the front lawn of our church & parking lot for our kids ministry.

While setting up the fire department captain asked "Do you want some help setting up?"

Amazing! Here is a link in our local paper of how it all went down

Here is a picture someone snapped as well

Firefighters are cooler than i ever realized before!!

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