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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A road traveled by 4...

Thursday at 9am in the morning our family of 4 pack up our lovely vehicle for a 2 week Road Trip to Colorado. This trip will be full of driving, laughter, memories, challenges & connecting.

We will spend 6 days just the 4 of us doing some new experiences for our boys. This summer begins a new journey of me beginning to teach my boys everything they need to know about becoming a smart individual of the great outdoors. We will be adventuring, climbing, scouring the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for an adventure that gives us chills & smiles. The 4 of us connecting & building our family stronger!!

Then we will spend 4 days with my family around Denver & then 4 days with Kim's family & all the cousins, aunts and uncles with show up to Kim's mom & dad's 5 acres around Powderhorn Colorado.

This trip is much needed & awaited for by all of us!

I am grateful for a wife who loves the outdoors. Two boys who long for adventure & my own reckless abandon desires to see what kinda fun we can get ourselves into. So when we return there will be a recap of blog posts as well as stories to tell....until then enjoy life!

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