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Friday, August 21, 2009

My Boys & Me as a Parent

While on vacation i really enjoyed the time i had with my boys. I enjoyed the conversations, random things we did and just seeing them 'grow up' a little bit on this trip. I had some specific leanings:

Vacation created a questioning influx from my boys!

Their curiosity was huge with all the 'new' experiences they were having. I loved being able to teach, train & sit back and watch them take everything in. They blow me away with how smart they are this young as well as much they want to learn.

Business can create an answer delay...if I am not careful.

I have noticed since i have been back that when my boys want to talk to me or ask me a question i have delay in my response to them because of a cell phone call, a text, talking with another adult or student who is around....and just plain being focused on the 'business' not my boys. It has been a good, quick lesson on making sure i hear, listen and focus on who is important.

I am modeling...they are reacting (words, actions)

I see how much my boys look up to me. I see in the phrases they use that they hear me use. I see it in their enthusiasm to things they enjoy. I see it in how they love their mom and respond to her. I see them watch me from doing the checkbook, talking with students, adults, strangers. I see them watch me talk, love on and interact with my wife. I see them watching only prayer is what they see is honoring to Jesus and helping them grow in men who will be a blessing in society & not a burden.

I wish I knew what they felt

This has been a big learning for me. I don't know what they are feeling when they say "I love you dad". I never could say that growing up, i never had a dad. I do know what i feel when i tell them I love them, when i tickle them, when i surprise them and make them smile. I love being a dad! I do wish i could understand what being a son who is loved by a dad and can reciprocate that, but for now i will take the blessing God has given me in the two boys who challenge me to live life to the fullest and love them as much as i can!

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brian c. berry said...

U da man. U are a GREAT dad. So proud of you. Way to set a new foundation and blaze a fatherhood trail for the future. Rock it dad!