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Sunday, July 12, 2009

OGN Recap

Our week in OGN was exciting. Spending a week with our students, seeing them be open to a complete surrender in areas of their lives to Jesus was a reminder of how humbling my job is.
To be there first hand seeing Jesus interact with people & create moments where Divinity & Depravity collide is priceless!

Some recap thoughts follow:
  • I got to spend 7 days with 10 of the coolest students from our church doing late night taco runs, Hanging out at the beach, talking, laughing, soul searching & be open to whatever God wants to do in our lives
  • Teaching a OGN class & interacting with about 200 other people who were there for this week
  • Talking with Ricky on the beach. Neat 24 year old who is farther on the journey of life than most people. Very open to the message of Jesus, just not the message of most Christians he meets. Praying for him still that Jesus message is what engages his soul
  • 4, 10, 18, 24...only Brian Berry will get this one
  • Watching students share their faith openly
  • Being able to 'BOO' Manny Ramierez in his return to MLB
  • Fasting & praying on some personal & ministry situations
  • Wondering what the next 6 months will be like cause 'after the fact' is always the thermometer test to see if we are serious about our faith steps or not.

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