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Thursday, July 02, 2009


Ok so some of you have been wondering what OGN is, so here is my quick explanation before i head to bed to get up in 5 hours.

It is a week devoted to helping teenagers understand what they believe.
To be able to engage their heads & hearts to the life of Jesus.
Open their lives to Jesus in a complete surrender type way.
Engage everyday people in a conversation about Spiritual things.

Too often Christians 'hide' in church. They seldom engage co-workers, classmates, etc with a life conversations. The point of the conversation isn't to paint a target on people's backs, you are just bringing up a conversation that God's Spirit can use to help that individual think about who Jesus is as well as what life is about.

If students get this lifestyle as a teenager it seldom ever leaves their hearts. Too often youth groups celebrate their summer with camps that are "RA RA" type events and stuff happens. This 'camp' is really more of a soul searching week of saying a LOUD YES to life with Jesus and desiring to see people who don't know Christ be engaged in conversations to hopefully come to know Him.

It also is a framework for students to use when they get home so their lifestyle can be expanded on with words to those closest to them who don't know Christ.

Ok goodnight--

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