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Monday, June 22, 2009

A retreat

I took 2 days to myself last week at my wife's prompting and had a great time reading a ton, praying a lot, listening, walking & also thinking about some 'next steps' in life.

I also found a little cabin i would love to buy for my family and use it as often as possible (although i would want it around Estes Park Colorado). On one of my walks i snapped a picture-

The time i spent away reminded me of 3 key things:

  • I need to process some stuff in silence. A lot of times silence and solitude help clear your mind to hear what you need to hear & focus on the 'more important' matters. That was what i was able to do. Silence can be scary for many because they fear what they may encounter, for me i love silence and i loved being able to have 3-4 hours of not even myself talking but just being present & hearing myself breathe.
  • I need time to not be bothered. Our lives can be so crammed that we start reading a book, working on a project and have to stop because of phone call, interruption or needing to get home. All of which can be good things, but to be able to have the uninterrupted time to keep working and not feel guilty for putting anybody was a good thing.
  • I am loved. A reminder that God kept speaking to me repeatedly during my 2 days. Through scriptures i read, thoughts, prayer and even just enjoying creation & that was much needed in my soul!

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