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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Re-Cap

Since May 11th here is what life has been for me:
  • Major death in my family
  • Flying to Colorado to help deal with death & aftermath
  • Seeing family & mourning with them
  • Flying back to California & partnering with some other youth pastors on an amazing event
  • Dealing with some tough things at Church
  • Getting summer ready for the student ministry
  • Getting our family ready for the summer
  • Recruiting some new volunteers for the student ministry
  • Beginning to work with some students for student leadership
  • Realizing I have been a poor husband and father
  • Working on changing being a poor husband and father
  • Loosing 6lbs
  • Reading 2 books (almost done with a 3rd)
  • Realizing how much i miss coaching
  • Loving seeing Jesus continue to move in people around me

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