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Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Crack Up

So as i sit here and write my kids are sleeping in the High School room. With the Wives/Mom's out of town the pastors chose to circle the wagons and team together to be able to get to church way before everyone else to get things set up as well as get our kids up, clothed, fed and ready to stroll to church as well. Instead of doing this at 5am we all decided to just have dads & offspring sleep at the church.

Ok that is until one pastor felt his daughter was too young so he is at home but will be back here in about 6 hours.

The other pastor's kid was waaaaay too excited to try and sleep here. After getting out of bed for about the 34th time he came rolling into my office wearing green vampire teeth. My thoughts were:
1- What pocket he pulled those out of in his PJ's i will never know
2- I was so surprised i did the wrong thing and laughed hysterically
3- That was dang funny!
So that kid and dad went home to sleep in their beds and that leaves me flying solo.

editorial note: this pastor just walked back in for another 'try' to see if it will work

So i have a book that i am now going to read for about an hour to then sleep for 5 before the other two pastors and kids are back here. I bet good money that i will NOT be the cranky one tomorrow!!

My kids however think it is the coolest thing to sleep here. I hope that innocence stays for a long time in their life!!

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