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Monday, March 16, 2009

Movie Review

After our wonderful dinner out Kim and I used some free movie passes to go see this movie. It wasn't quite what i thought but it had its moments.

The hard part of me during this movie was the weird dynamics of the 'dating game'. The writers tried to bring a 'personal' touch with the characters where someone watching could relate to their story as their own. But the dating game seemed to be so superficial. I never had the chance to play the dating game [my heart was stolen long before i had the chance to think about giving it away to the wrong person :)].

There were two parts of the stories that absolutely bugged me to no end.
1- was the affair set up. A guy who was married who intentionally had an affair with a younger girl. What bugged me was the amount of 'support' the audience of the movie theater we were at seemed to give this situation. It created a divorce which i am the product of so it really hit a nerve. However the way it was written was truthful and how so many situations like this do happen in our world everyday.
2- the random 'hook-up' by couples. A desire to have a intimate 'fling' to feel wanted. What pains me is the amount of young girls who have seen this movie and for some of them will take that dynamic of relationships as how it should go. My hope for them is they think about the deeper things at stake in this regard.

A highlight of the movie was the end result of Ben Affleck & Jennifer Anniston's roles. In the end the guy gave up a personal standard because of his love for the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. His personal standard was marriage wasn't needed, but to her it was a critical aspect of what should happen in relationships. So in the end he decided that something that was important to her had to become important to him.

Overall a C+. If i had paid for it, i would've been upset. It was free so it was an average movie for me.

The deep look into this movie did remind me of how happy i am that my 'romance story' involved only 1 girl in my life!

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