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Friday, November 28, 2008

Great Day

Well the Bowers Boys commenced on a new tradition, football on Thanksgiving Day. We played at the park for about an hour and enjoyed all of it!.

This is a huge deal for me cause i have always longed to play football on this wonderful day (especially on days like this when the NFL games schedule are going to be blow outs--i called all 3 games within 4 points on each game).

Growing up my sister and brother never wanted to play football and cause where we celebrated our Thanksgiving there were no other kids my age to talk into playing football. I always wanted to be able to play football, get dirty and just enjoy a fun game with others then come home and pig out.

So today the Bowers Boys began a new tradition, football on Turkey day. I know as they get older and cousins may be around this will take place. I would love for us to see their friends come over to play as well. Today was fun just kicking the football off a T as well as teaching Cody about 12 pass plays. He caught 6 in a row (longest one about a 30 yd pass and he was on the run).

I am proud Father and excited about next year already! (and a closet wanna be, has been college football player that never wanted his playing days to be over)

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