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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Funny Tid-Bits

Some random comments that I could go into detail about but decided would just post them as random quotes;

"Dad do cops hide under the street to catch people speeding? Because that would be a great place!"-My #1 shared this on our way to school

"I wonder why my kid F#$*&%@ swears so much"- A guy talking to a friend (I assume) at a Starbucks

"I wish my parents understood me more, maybe that is why they are always asking me questions about my day, friends, what i want to do"- A student

Here is one between my son and myself last week while driving away from our house--
"She is Hot!"
"Who is Hot?"
"Your Mom"
"Dad what does Hot mean?"
"It is like pretty, beautiful and..."
"And like what Dad?"
"Um it means Dad really likes to look at mommy"
"Is that why you stare at mommy?"

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