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Thursday, October 09, 2008

True That!

Brian Berry posted this quote on his twitter yesterday and it gave me a couple leadership thoughts-

"a weakness is an activity that weakens you.. so identify those things and deliberately move away from them"- marcus buckingham

When we have a weakness in life we need to not hide it, but embrace the fact that we aren't perfect but that doesn't mean we have to suffer. As a leader leading leaders i need to make sure that i model health, integrity as well as humility.

What i love about the quote is the word 'deliberately', it is a pure choice to make the decision to move away from something that could hurt me or through my weakness i hurt others. It is a choice to let Christ continue to do a transforming work in me-i choose whether i am going to be obedient to His guidance or not. I feel i have come to a point in life where if i am weak at an area i am ok admitting it, getting help/allowing someone more qualified to take over. I value honesty, but that means i always have to be honest with myself.

Moving away from a weakness shows more signs of strength than defeat-

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