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Friday, October 10, 2008

A quote of mine

"Walking a tightrope of faith but moving forward with eyes of hope"

My own quote-yep i know profound isn't it!

This is what i thought of this morning and realized a few things;
1- Walking a tightrope isn't about strength, courage or stupidity. It is more about balance. I want to go from point A to point B means i need to be balanced to get all the way across. I lean one way to the left or right and I fall. My faith [in Christ redemption, the character of God, unconditional love given to me and the truth that God expects me to use my life to love him & others] is what keeps me balanced. If I want to lean towards selfishness, my way, my own ideals- i will fall. My faith in Christ is what keeps me centered.

2-Now to have faith is great, but to not live forward in life is to abuse the life we are given. If i am not living forward with eyes of hope that throughout today or tomorrow I will be able to live my life to impact the life of another than i am not really allowing my faith to guide me. Hope is what allows people to get through the mundane to see the miraculous. Hope allows the depraved to long for the divine. Hope is what gets a single parent through their day to know they are doing everything they can for their kids future, Hope is what allows people to risk vulnerability to engage in love, Hope is what draws our souls out of hiding into the open place to experience more than 'just this'

3-A tightrope 6" off the ground is no more of a challenge than 60' off the ground. We need to quit looking at severity of problems and more at the source of the ability to go through life consistently. When we focus on the problem we tend to let faith take a back seat. I need to trust the process more than the problem.

Some random thoughts, but man did they hit hard!

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