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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weddings Make Me Cry

We spent all of last week in Colorado for my little sister's wedding. It was a great wedding and she looked great. It is hard to believe my 'little sister' is married, but it was a joy and blessing to be able to perform their ceremony. The craziness of weddings i can do without (maybe that is why God allowed me to have only boys!), but it was fun being a part of a great day.

The whole family was a part of it. Kim was a bridesmaid and sang during the ceremony, the boys were ring bearers and I walked her down the aisle as well as officiated in it. The wedding was over in about 25-30 minutes, the reception was about 5 hours long after that and it was really a great day.

What made me cry was the special moments my sister and I shared. She had a couple things she wrote for me that was read allowed at the rehearsal dinner and the wedding itself. She & I have always been close. Not the kind that talk every day, but we have a very unique bond that will never fade and a flood of memories came back from when we were little and all the fun moments, scary times, laughter, celebration and even heartache we shared came back in about 72 hours. She grew up a lot while i was away at college and part of me regrets missing so much of her life then. We both had rocky times to deal with and at times those continue with not really having a dad around, losing a brother and grandmother that were very close to us. It was hard for my brother and grandmother not being there that day, but i know they would've enjoyed it immensely!

She had some great things to say that really encouraged me and humbled me, but one of the biggest was sharing the special dance with her. Just being able to talk to her, love on her and encourage her was a great moment. I have a great sister and am very happy for her!

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