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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Change is a Process

Change takes time.  There is no other way to say it.  Any major change in life takes time to process through, adjust to and even complete.  We are in a major process of change right now in our student ministry.  We are adjusting and changing from "what was" to "what will be".  The funny thing dynamic occurred to me, we will never stop at "what is".  To go from a past to a future you can never stop, if you do stop you quit moving towards the future goal.

I guess that is why to endure a change you must endure patience.  You must be patient in that the little steps you are taking are allowing you to move closer to the goal.  In college, [when i played football and was in an athletic shape] a great goal was how stronger could I be before the next season.  You would not think that adding just 5lbs to a workout would be all that much, but it can be overwhelming if you are not ready for it.

Gauging what we do, when we do it here in our ministry has been tricky.  You never really feel great about a decision.  You just look at the reality of what you have, take a look at a future goal, assess your options and then wait...wait to see what happens.  There in lies the hard part, we have to wait to see the results.

For our student ministry, i am praying that the process of change will be long lasting in the lives of teens.  I hope that in the process we keep focussed on the healthy parts, enjoy the ride and keep students focussed on Christ.

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