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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Family Days

Well since my last post I haven't had time to post another update.  No has been crazy.  The remodel on the student area, trying to help my in-laws move, we get packed at their house to move, get things ready at the office to go on vacation, student nights, and the list has been endless.

So an elder in our church surprised us 2 weeks ago to say we could stay at his cabin.  So i used a comp day for work today, and with Friday my normal day off we have a 2 day family get away to Big Bear, California.  We got in around 1am this morning and when putting things away i noticed their WI-FI and was thrilled to be able to post some pictures of our two days adventure, catch up on reading some blogs and working on a family video.

This place is beautiful and we are excited to be able to have 2 days to just focus on each other. Kids just woke up so off to make breakfast!

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