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Friday, August 08, 2008

Big Bear

Well the good news is today we did nothing....

We had a great breakfast with eggs, bacon, bagels, OJ, and milk. Then the boys got dress to go on a hike. My boys found a rock they wanted a picture of so here those are.

Then dad & the boys went grocery shopping. It took us an hour all to find out i had left my wallet at the cabin so I brought the boys back to the cabin and they watched a movie with mom. I went back to the grocery store so really it took over 2 hours to get groceries.

Then we ate lunch and crashed for over 3 hours with a great nap. I don't remember the last time i took at 10 minute nap let a lone a 3 hour nap. We woke up, put the boys in the hot tub and cooked dinner.

We ate pizza and had some ice cream. Watched part of a movie, went back to the hot tub as a family. Then we put the boys to sleep and Kim & I enjoyed sitting in the hot tub under the stars just talking about how life has been and what the next few weeks will be like. It was so nice to give each other attention, talk & share about life.

She was ready for bed so she crashed and I am catching up on some blog reading. Today was a great day

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