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Friday, February 02, 2007

Part 1 of Trip

Ok so recap of last 5 hours...

1- finished packing. Why does it always feel you left something you will need?
2- went for a run. 1.3 miles. Felt great but the dog wanted more & i wanted to go to bed.
3- left my wife a love note. AAAAHHHHHH
4- took a shower
5- got 3.4 hours of sleep
6- TAXI ride.
ok so not my first (i was reminded of a time in Denver once) but the cab driver was late getting to my house. Lost in trying to get to the airport. But she stopped the meter for me. I thought cab drivers were supposed to be very "street saavy", this one wasn't.
7- chilling at airport on free wi-fi posting this...

I can't wait till i get to my sleep, put on a little KEANE or Crowder & get a little sleep before i get to mormon-ville

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