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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Top 10 reason for Wireless Internet

So we got the house set up with wireless internet. It is very nice. So i figure here is my top 10 list of why have wireless internet in your home

10- you can watch espn & blog about football at the same time (josh griffin!)
9- the back yard is a great place to work on sermons
8- my boys now have a desk to play playhouse disney sites
7- my fantasy football team is only a click away
6- i can lay in bed and surf youtube late at night for funny video clips for high school service
5- while watching LOST i can make notes for my blog
4-while watching Survivor i can blog about it
3- i can poop while blogging
2- i can act like i am really working on something important, but really am just blogging
1- i don't have to share the computer with anyone else if they need the internet

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