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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


so seriously i woke up this morning and right my "God this day is yours prayer" was this thought

LOST returns tonight!!!! we have kept this night clear of any activities so after the boys go to bed my wife and I will pour ourselves a coke with a lime & ice cold water (i get the coke) and enjoy the start of a new season...well at least for 6 weeks then will have to wait till the rest of the season shows. But these 6 weeks you know will be amazing, surprising, tense and definatly blog able....

1 comment:

Dez said...

Anything Lost is bloggable

You wanna talk Bloggable?

Orson Scott Card edited a book about looks awesome!!! It has so many great authors in it..but overall, Orson Scott Card!!


Lost starts tonight

just so you know