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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In our day & age

a often said statement by my grandma who is the sweetest thing since caramel apple pie.

now this same grandma punched me so hard she knocked me out when i was 11 years old. Now in my defense she was a WWII secret service agent...but like that sounds any better!

So what will life be like when we get old and we look back on life? I know one thing is for sure, we will be able to smile on the life we once had, reminesce to those who "knew" what life was like and also i think we will be curious about what life is really like for those still alive.

I think to have God's perspective on life, to see all transitions that everything has gone through and all the changes must be one sweet on going movie with some great popcorn. But the one i want to see the most and long to see is the transition of the old age into modern era. To see the garden of eden, to see the roman empire, to see the scottish warriors fight for thier country, to see the early civilization of britain, to see the early ships heading to america to me would be marvelous!

so here is to that one day when we will get to see the movie...i just can't wait to watch it with the loved ones that will get thier before we do.

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