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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dealing with Interns

So today we had our youth staff meeting (myself, my wife & our three interns). These 3 are great youth workers. Young & inexperienced & want to be learners. We are walking through Your 1st 2 Years of Youth Ministry together and the conversations we are having is great. They are helping me step back from 8 years of youth ministry and relook at life, ministry & what really matters most. I am able to relate & articulate stories of life, ministry (both failures & success) to them and they know me so i think the teachable moment are greater.

the other thing i am finding is as they are 19-21 i have to stay on top of them to make sure they keep "moving forward". I don't dislike this, it actually helps me keep focussed of asking "where are we going as a team?".

The only thing that i really dislike is having to close the meeting and kick them out (it is at our house before dinner time).

I really am enjoying this new dynamic of minsitry!

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