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Monday, August 28, 2006

Why I Feel Left Out

Ok So Madden 07 has been on the markey long enough for a majority of my key students to get througha whole season. I am ticked. I can't buy it yet. Money is tight so our budget doesn't allow "extra expenditures" so i guess life without madden will go on.

But it drew up something in me. I hate to have the left out feeling. Part of this is from growing up close to dirt poor and always having nothing. paying my own way through college which meant no money and at times staying home at the apt while the roomies went out.
Even up to now in our marriage kids came along so fast that living off one paycheck is hard and at time frustrating because of not being able to splurge on the wife & kids at times, save for vacations & just flat out have a savings account.

And in all this there is a teaching point the spirit of God has been drawing me on. Mk 10, Jesus and the rich young ruler. Recently i have a new look on this. Jesus taught and showed a kingdom way of living in the here and now. Make the difference in the lives of people around you by what you have. $, talents, passions, skills, etc. You name it, it can be used to impact people now and through that a eternal difference can be made. For the ruler to use his wealth to impact those without was a heart issue. For me to live without madden is a reminder that i have an incredible wife, two amazing boys that touch my heart & a life of pure joy because of what Christ has done in my life and through my life!

I believe that to live without is a good moment to remember all we can have compared to so many others in the USA & the world.

I will be able to play madden, and i will be able to live without madden. Buy to live without the mindset of Christ would be more of a heartbreak than anything.

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