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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ah Yes The Joy of Youth Ministry part II

Ok So last week here is the skinny

Trying to get ready for our fall and get our student ministry out of these tough transitions in a healthy direction, life has been hard & then last week happened...

Last week we experienced fights, arguments, breaking & enterings, police reports, exploding toilets, tragic family events, extended family woes, students death, electrical fires, marraiges falling apart, abuse, interns going through hard life events, budget mistakes of about $4,000, continuous nights of no sleep & that wasn't even the weekend.

During all this that was going on i kept repeating a prayer, "Lord you know who and what has been broken. I don't know why but what i do know is I and others need your living spirit to breathe life into us and allow us to know your peace and comfort during these times"

It is hard for me to not be able to "fix" things. When so much is out of my hands i can't help but hand it over to God and wait on him to move. It is hard without a doubt. But when the only thing i can directly do is fix a toilet it is tough to be a pastor, because in those times God is working in you as much as everyone else.

Today i am still seeing a lot of broken pieces all over from students, staff, families, kids & even the electrician but i am also seeing God mending a lot of people and know that HE is working in ways i can't even try and articulate into sense

During this time i have taken a new look at Matthew 11:28-30. In the context Jesus is challenging people to change their look at the teachings of other rabbi's, scribes, religious leaders. Change the view of who they are, how God works & the redemptive plan of YWHW. Christ offered a new teaching of mercy, love & hope. One that would allow people to enjoy life to the fullest and during times like this we can't help but want to run to this offer.

I look around the corner of life and see more broken people, including myself. But i also see the hope of living for the sake of the message of Christ. I AM. The existence of HIM in my life is enough. Hard to believe and even say in times like this, but HE IS. The stability of that allows me to put my feet on the floor and awake to a new day. A new day to stop & think of the working of God in me, around me & through me.

Is It really A joy to be in youth ministry? Yes, because where else am i allowed to be a part of the physical, emotional, spiritual renewing of people because i am open to God working in my life & then through my life?

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